Hi, I'm Jeppe!

A dedicated developer, drummer, designer & dad.
Currently employed at ShopGun & my dyingDay. Oh, and also founder of Bacon Tools, Horrorscope, Klyster,
and co-founder of Hackquarters, Redpitt, and more.

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Frontend Development

Been marking things up and down since the mid 90s. Love screwing around with Angular, Ember, React, Material Design, Zurp, Bootstrap, and other modern web frameworks.

Backend Development

I hack backends in python, php, asp, node, and ruby, and handle databases like MS/MySQL, PostGre, Mongo, and Redis. Been doing backend stuff since the late 90s.

RocknRoll Development

Been playin' since forever. Started with a six string back in the early 80's, now behind the drums of my dyingDay, kicking, spitting, and snaring.